respecting nature


respecting nature

Caring for the environment and the human being is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. The company assumes its corporate responsibility by fully complying its activities with the applicable environmental legislation, while applying operational practices which aim at the reduction of its environmental footprint.

For this purpose FINOBETON S.A.:

  • Prevents waste disposal in the environment through dedicated recycling units and sedimentation tanks.
  • Selects all treatments to be done using recycled water, in order to reduce the emission of dust to the environment.
  • Participates in the alternative management system of Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste with an approved non-hazardous ECDW processing plant and a site of deposition of aggregates and residues from the processing of ECDW.
  • Has implemented tree-planting in the production unit, endeavouring at improving the aesthetics and adaptation to the surrounding area, as well as the quarry area, aiming at their complete restoration and regeneration, contributing, this way, to the environmental sustainability.

The application of effective management systems and systemic control programs, the proper maintenance and renewal of fixed and mobile equipment, and the use of preventive measures and hygiene and safety rules, contribute to the protection of both the company’s workforce and the local communities in which it operates.

Contribution and care for the environment, concerns both the present and future generations, and for this reason, in the consumer’s mind, FINOBETON S.A. is one of the selected companies which apply the appropriate practices for the protection of the natural resources of our planet.