In 1985 in Chania, Crete, the company FINOBETON S.A. is founded, with the upmost vision to meet the needs of the construction industry for quality and reliable solutions in the fields of ready-mixed concrete, floor screeds, asphalt and quarry products.

The first ready-mixed concrete plant starts operating in Akrotiri, Chania, and simultaneously a privately owned quarry in Kalorouma begins running.



In 1990 the company inaugurates its second privately owned quarry in Chordaki, Chania. The two quarries in Kalorouma and Chordaki operate until 1999, when the large aggregate quarry in Chordaki, Chania, where FINOBETON S.A. is a shareholder, begins its operation.

Also in 1999, the new ready-mixed concrete plant in Fres becomes operative.


with strategy

In 2000, the new modern ready-mixed concrete plant in Chordaki starts operating.
In order to ensure that the demand in the prefecture of Chania is promptly met, both for the well-known and the specialized grades of concrete, FINOBETON S.A. sets into operation new substations in two strategic locations: Tavronitis (2002) and Kandanos (2007).


opening up
new horizons

In 2008 the FINOMIX product line is launched, as the company puts into full operation the new dry mortars plant in its facilities in Chordaki, Chania. An organized distribution center is set up in the prefecture of Herakleion to immediately cover any demand all over the island of Crete. FINOMIX products make their appearance in the Cyprus market, inaugurating the export activity of the company.

In 2009 the company puts into operation the new FINOMARM plant within its facilities in Chordaki, dealing with the cutting and processing of natural and artificial stone, aiming at the trading of marble, stone and granite products both in Greek and international markets.


in Greece
& all over
the world

In 2014 the company launches the new distribution center of FINOMIX products in the prefecture of Attica, where the Greek capital Athens is located, aiming at the immediate service of its associates both in Attica and the rest of Greece. FINOMIX products are used on an international basis, constituting an inseparable part of major construction projects.

In 2016 FINOBETON S.A. proceeds to the buying out of Alpha Beton S.A. and sets into operation the new ready-mixed concrete plant in Galatas, Chania.


for the environment
& humanity

FINOBETON S.A. participates in the alternative management system of Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste (ECDW) which aims at the reduction of the impact on the environment and human health from the uncontrolled dumping of waste, as well as at the exploitation and reusability of the recycled materials with the ultimate goal of redirecting them back to the construction market.
The approved non-hazardous ECDW processing plant of the company and the site of deposition of aggregates and residues from the processing of ECDW are located in Chordaki, Chania.


the ever-increasing

In 2022, in the context of the company’s investments and continuous development, the facilities of FINOMIX dry mortars production plant in Chordaki, Chania, are expanded and improved, thus increasing its production capacity.

A new 2,500m2 logistics center is completed, contributing to the immediate and efficient meeting of the ever-increasing market’s demand for FINOMIX products.


high production capacity
& excellent quality

In 2023, the new asphalt products plant of FINOBETON S.A. began its operation at the company’s facilities in Chordaki, Chania.
The new plant, constructed with Italian technology and equipped with modern cold and hot recycling systems, is the best choice for managing the high production requirements of the market, while it ensures the excellent quality of the final product.